5 ways Digital Transformation impacts businesses and drives success

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We are living in an era that is driven by technology. From smartphones to smart cars, everything can be done through the tip of our fingers. In fact, 2020 has become a testament to how far our society has come in terms of technology and digitization.
Today millions of employees are working from home in this pandemic. From big corporations to small businesses, all kinds of industries have been able to bounce back from the repercussions of lockdown because of digital transformation. This would not have been possible a few years back when digital transformation had just started to make its way into the working sector. However today digital transformation impacts enterprises in a big way and has become an integral part of the business strategy.
To help you understand how businesses thrive with the help of digital transformation, we look at 5 of the biggest ways that being digital-first has opened up new horizons for enterprise companies:

1. Distribution Of Content

Did you know every 60 seconds 3.3 million people make a Facebook post, and 29 million messages are distributed via Whatsapp. Social media today has become content heavy, in the sense that whether you are a brand or influencer, you can only grab the attention of the mass if you’re creating content that is targeted towards your audience.
This also gives brands an opportunity to keep their customers engaged as well as drive new audience by creating high quality content that aligns with the brand and appeals to the customers.

2. Real-time Analytics

Digital transformation has helped businesses on their way to success by providing key informations and data every step of the way. Digital tools allow businesses to make informed decisions by showing real time data and metrics.
This helps businesses identify their audience, understand buyer behaviour and then use the data provided to target the right customers and engage them in strategic ways.
With the help of digitization, enterprises can now use manpower in the right direction to meet customer expectations and scale their business.

3. Virtual Communication

Once a need for face-to-face meetings, have now become redundant in the times of COVID as virtual meetings are thriving. This has also helped businesses realise the importance of virtual tools for cross team and internal communication. Today, businesses are hosting client conferences over Zoom calls and virtual meets. This has also become an fast and reliable way of hosting meetings, ensuring seamless communication in a virtual work environment.

4. Provides Transparency

In this digital age, customers want to be informed about everything from the brand they engage with. With most of the information readily available on the internet, customers expect brands to be transparent about their services as well. And for brands, transparency is a crucial step in building a loyal customer base. Therefore the digital medium provides a platform for brands to freely interact with their customers and offer information on their products and services. In return, brands are able to build loyalty, credibility for the business and improve customer relationships.

5. Mobility And Teleworking

With digital transformation comes the ability to telework from anywhere and at any time. Employees no longer have to be restricted to a cabin space but can work from any remote location they wish. Especially with the influx of smartphones, tablets and laptops in everyday work environment, emphasis on the employee’s work station is no longer an issue.
Digital technology has also given birth to a range of productive tools and communication software that digitally transforms your workplace collaborations and make them more efficient.
Digital transformation has changed the landscape of enterprise companies over the past decade, but only now we see the full scope of its ability. From encouraging employee collaboration to improving the customer journey of a brand, digitization is slowing changing the face of global enterprises for the better. And even brands have acknowledged the importance of evolving with modern technology to make a digital-first impact in the industry.

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