A happy workplace, in our opinion, is more productive and a crucial differentiator in luring great people and forging a solid employee-first, client-centric culture.
We are aware that our associates who are content at work are also happy overall. By providing our associates with numerous chances for personal development, we do our part.
The Great Place to Work® Institute has designated us a Great Place to Work.


We are a group of powerful people who value committed connections.
We take pride in an organization where women playing a stellar role: has 50% of our associates, 55% of our executive team, and 50% of our founding members are female.
JOY has benefited from our diversity in a number of ways. With experienced female leaders in senior roles, it has been simple for us to envision and promote transformative reforms. We now have a solid culture of teamwork where each associate is appreciated for their contribution.
Our adaptable work immersion strategy for returning women who have had a long hiatus from employment owing to childbirth or any other responsibilities and wish to restart their careers.


JOY IT promotes self-reliance and honours the spirit of entrepreneurship. All of our associates feel empowered to create innovative ideas and discover more effective methods of doing things. We build a company that advances and gets better all the time.


Naveen promotes constant progress and sets “stretch” goals. He ensures that colleagues perform at their highest level by empowering them and giving them autonomy.
In addition to encouraging associates to participate in decision-making, he also makes sure they are aware that their opinions will be and have been taken into account. He engages with each employee and looks out for their well-being.

Women in leadership

Our women leaders are extremely competent and have extensive experience in related industries. Each of them is the owner of their own particular business unit and consistently strives to achieve the organizations objective. The actual driving force behind JOY’s success today has been our female leaders; they are go-getters, gutsy, and confident that there are no obstacles they can’t overcome.

Men in leadership

Our leaders are of the opinion that planning and doing go hand in hand.
On the one hand, we have a strategic and imaginative mind that is always receptive to fresh suggestions for how to alter or enhance how things are done.
On the opposing side, we have Leaders, who never stop experimenting and inventing. Their capacity to carry out tasks are highly commended.
At JOY IT Solutions, we place a high priority on honesty, decency, openness, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
A World of Possibilities, no limits!
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