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Due to our thorough grasp of the requirements of diverse industries, we are able to efficiently meet the workforce needs of our clients. Fortune 500 organizations have recognized us as a "Preferred Partner" and a "Partner of Choice" due to our consistently quick response and outstanding reliability to execute the promise. Our team, which has more than 20 years of experience in resource augmentation, finds and offers the best talent to move the business forward.

Microsoft Solutions Provider in India
GRC Professional Services in India

Managed Services

Our team of skilled experts handles your organization’s need to hire temporary workers and is in charge of the full management of the contingent workforce, from supplier management to strategic workforce planning.

Shared Services

We centralize the hiring procedures for positions all across the world as a provider of international services. By locating personnel in skill-rich areas, our team of skilled experts manages your
end-to-end technical resource requirements. We design the processes and suggested procedures for recruiting and management of resources.
Microsoft cloud solutions in India
GRC Consulting Services in India

Off-shore Development Centres / Capability Centers

We can create off-shore or near-shore capabilities and capacities in skills that your organization may be finding challenges to attract and retain. We can help your company achieve a dedicated capacity while we own a programme management strategy, effective procedures, and on-site and off-shore delivery model.

Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

JOY can build capacity and capability centres that can provide strategic and cost advantages to your company. We completely design, scale and manage these centres and post maturity transfer the entity to your management.
Low-Code service provider in India

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GRC Solutions Provider in India

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Microsoft Solutions Provider in India

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