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Our in-depth understanding of the workforce needs of various industries can effectively address the staffing requirements of our clients. Fortune 500 companies have acknowledged us as their "Preferred Partner" and the "Partner of Choice" due to our consistently swift responsiveness and exceptional reliability in delivering on our commitments. Our team, boasting over two decades of experience in IT support services and manpower services, identifies and delivers top talent to drive business advancement.

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Managed Services

Our team of proficient experts manages your organization’s requirement for hiring temporary workers and assumes full responsibility for overseeing the contingent workforce, from supplier management to strategic workforce planning, as an IT Managed Services provider.

Shared Services

As an IT Shared Services Partner offering international solutions, we streamline the global hiring processes for positions worldwide. Leveraging our team of skilled experts located in talent-rich regions, we efficiently oversee your comprehensive technical resource needs. We formulate tailored processes and recommended strategies for resource recruitment and management.

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GRC Consulting Services in India

Off-shore Development Centres / Capability Centers

We can establish Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) or Nearshore Development Centers (NDCs) to build the skills your organization may struggle to attract and retain. Our assistance can enable your company to secure a dedicated capacity, while we take responsibility for program management strategies, efficient processes, and on-site and offshore delivery models, all designed to address your specific needs.

Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

We can establish capacity and capability centers that offer strategic and cost benefits to your company. We take care of the entire design, scaling, and management of these centers. Once they reach maturity, we facilitate the seamless transition of the entity to your management.

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GRC Solutions Provider in India

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Microsoft Solutions Provider in India

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